tribunals & court work - what we offer

We are very experienced in working with a range of professionals within the Legal System in the contexts of Family Proceedings and Private Law Disputes and Tribunals.

Paul has been commissioned as an Expert Witness and has completed over 80 detailed Reports in Child Care Proceedings.

Paul worked as an Associate Expert Witness with Nigel Blagg Associates (NBA Solutions Ltd) as well as with Carter Brown Associates in the recent past and more currently, takes commissions directly from Individuals, Solicitors, Local Authorities and the Court.

Within the context of Family Proceedings and Private Law disputes Paul Bingham specialises in instructions relating to the assessment of:

  • Parenting ability, adult learning disability, personality and mental health

  • Impact of the above and childhood experiences on parenting ability

  • Harm suffered by children or risk of future harm with respect to neglect and / or abuse (including emotional, sexual or physical)

  • The nature of a young person’s attachment relationships and sibling relationships

  • The nature of children’s cognitive and social and emotional needs

  • Therapeutic and support needs of children

  • Placement needs of children following a Care Order, including whether siblings should be placed together or separately and the nature and extent of contact with the birth family

  • Family Dynamics

  • Advice on whether children should give evidence in Court

  • Fostering and Adoption advice

In the context of the Workplace, Paul also specialises in Tribunal related assessments being commissioned by private individuals as well as organisations such as NHS Trusts and Private Companies.