pre-school and nurseries - what we offer

Paul has extensive experience of working with interested parents, teachers, nursery nurses and Parent Groups to provide workshops and advice in Pre-schools, Playgroups and Nursery settings as well as supporting Healthcare professionals to provide support to inexperienced parents having difficulties supporting their young children.

In his role as Specialist Psychologist for Looked After Children he worked very closely with other professionals to support and promote the development of young children who were extremely vulnerable often having complex social and emotional difficulties as a result of their chaotic early backgrounds.

Paul is also able to offer individual consultations/assessments to parents or teachers of pre-school children already in an Early Years setting or as a private consultation/assessment independently of an Early Years setting.

If a parent is worried about their child’s future and would benefit from a one off discussion with a psychologist, Paul could arrange a home visit, a visit to an Early Years setting or for the parent and/or child to travel to our home for a consultation. Similarly, if staff are worried about a child they could, with written parental consent, contact our service directly.

We offer a tailor-made service to Pre-School settings that can be designed around your specific staff training needs or around the individual needs of children or families.

We can offer:

  • Cognitive assessments with advice and recommendations including verbal feedback with parents and staff

  • Observations on site and recommendations including verbal feedback with parents and staff

  • Developmental assessments, working with parents and staff

  • Advice on effective strategies such as assertive discipline and positive behavioural techniques

  • Advice on constructing and working with an Early Years Education or Behaviour Plan

  • Attending and advising on difficult meetings

  • Court and Tribunal work

  • Tailor-made training packages for Early Years staff and for Parents

If you have any other identified need please ‘Contact Us’ as we may be still able to help or provide contacts for services which could be more appropriate.