fostering, adoption & nurturing - what we offer

In his role as Specialist Psychologist for Looked After Children Paul worked very closely with other professionals to support and promote the development of young children who were extremely vulnerable often having complex social and emotional difficulties as a result of their chaotic early backgrounds with their birth parents.

He has specialist expertise in assessing and supporting children and their new families and carers and has provided regular training for Alliance Foster Care as well as working as Consultant for Thornby Hall, Residential Home, part of the Childcare First Organisation of Specialist Children's Homes.

He has also acted as an Educational Consultant and mentored new Consultants for the Pillars of Parenting Authentic Warmth Enterprise, preparing training for carers as well as helping to promote the benefits of this approach to support the very difficult role that carers and adoptive parents play in the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people.

Paul can offer:

  • Cognitive assessments with advice and recommendations including verbal feedback with parents, carers and staff

  • Observations on site and recommendations including verbal feedback with parents, carers and staff

  • Developmental assessments, working with parents, carers and staff

  • Advice on effective strategies such as assertive discipline and positive behavioural techniques

  • Advice on constructing and working with an Individual (Early Years) Education or Behaviour Plan

  • Attending and advising on difficult meetings

  • Court and Tribunal work

  • Tailor-made training packages for carers and Parents who adopt children

Training packages can be anything to suit your needs, from a one hour discussion with one person to a group discussion for half a day or anything up to a full day.

If you have any other identified need please 'Contact Us' as we may be still able to help or provide contacts for services which could be more appropriate.