our fees

Initial inquiries and responses by phone, Email or letter will not be charged for.

At this initial stage we would aim to discuss any inquiry, worry or concern you may have in order to make sure that we understand your needs so that we can offer a high quality appropriate service. If we feel unable to address your specific needs then we will try our hardest to refer you to a more appropriate professional or service.

Once we have agreed to any commissioned piece of work and have discussed the details and timescale or resources involved, we will ask you to confirm in writing that you agree to our commission as outlined to you in writing.

Invoices will be sent to you on completion of any written Report following an assessment or assessments and are payable within 28 days net.

Invoices for Training Sessions, Counselling or Mentoring, Discussions or Planning will be sent to you within 2 weeks and are payable within 28 days net.

Fees can be paid in cash, cheque or preferably by bank transfer.

Standard Fees vary according to the type of commission and can be negotiated where multiple commissions are required, but generally they are:

  • £98 per hour for professional time – consultation, assessing, research, report writing, reading related documents, interviewing, providing verbal feedback, providing training, designing remedial programmes and follow-up work, attending subsequent meetings

  • Training Sessions can be arranged over weekends but will be charged at a higher rate to be agreed

  • £35 per hour travel time over 30 minutes away (schools and private individuals)

  • 45 pence per mile over 10 miles

  • £40 per hour travel time (legal work)

  • £10 - £20 for replacement test materials and postage

  • £120 per overnight stay if required

  • £100 for consultant attendance at Court per hour (see terms and conditions)

  • Parking and road tolls vary but will be charged for if necessary

As a guide to typical assessments please see below, but note that each commission can be different and therefore, these illustrations are for guidance only.

  • Typical child assessments (outside the legal system) would take between 2 and 3.5 hours to complete with a Report writing time of between 3.5 and 4.5 hours, plus any travel or replacement materials costs.

  • Typical adult assessments such as Dyslexia or Cognitive Assessments, would take between 3 and 4 hours with a Report writing time of 4 hours, plus any additional costs.

  • Fees for Legal commissions in the Family Court will be agreed in detail as an Estimate at the time of commission and will be in line with recommendations by the Legal Services Commission. If costs appear to be exceeding the agreed Estimate at any time, permission will be sought with the Lead Solicitor before continuing.

  • Professional time will be charged at the rates shown above and can be apportioned out between parties involved in each case.

  • Assessments of children in Family Court Proceedings would take between 2 and 3.5 hours with a Report writing time of 6 hours (working within the LSC guidelines)

  • Assessment of adults in Family Court Proceedings would take 5 to 6 hours with a Report writing time of 10 to 12 hours (working within the LSC guidelines)

  • Additional costs for Legal Work will include reading documents supplied, observing Contact between children and carers/parents, interviewing carers and any additional meetings with appropriate professionals. Travel and associated costs will be added at the rates shown above.

  • All costs for organisations that are vat registered will be itemised exclusive of vat, and vat will be added at 20% after the sub total is calculated.

Please contact us for any further information regarding these Fees since each case will be necessarily different.

Please read our Terms and Conditions