Paul Bingham is an Independent Chartered Psychologist

  • B.Sc. Joint Honours Degree in Psychology and Biology (University of Leicester)

  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education (University of Leicester)

  • Masters Degree in The Psychology of Education (University of Leicester School of Education)

  • Masters Degree in Educational Psychology (University of Birmingham)

  • Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society


Paul has been a longstanding member of the British Psychological Society and was a member of its Standing Committee for Continuing Professional Development. Paul is also a Chartered Scientist.

Paul is registered with the Health Care Professions Council and the British Psychological Society as well as being a member of ACHIPPP and an International Affiliate of the American Psychology Association.

Paul is a qualified, registered test user with Pearson, Hogreffe, GL Assessment and Psychological Assessment Resources (USA) and uses a wide ranging portfolio of psychometric tests and clinical procedures assessing intelligence, personality, aspects of mental health, emotionality and psychopathology in both children and adults. Paul regularly attends training courses and conferences to keep abreast of developments in his work as an applied psychologist and delivers training courses to others as part of their continuing professional development.

Paul has over 20 years educational and clinical experience working as a psychologist  in multi-professional settings, with adults, children, families, schools, support services and private organisations in five Local Authorities (Hereford & Worcestershire, City of Birmingham, Leicester, Leicestershire and  Northamptonshire). Paul has specialist expertise in assessing children’s, adolescents’ and adult’s development and behaviour, ranging from psychometric assessment of cognitive functioning and learning difficulties, to diagnosing developmental disorders, to working with education and social services in supporting children and young people who are in Public Care or Adopted.

As Senior Educational Psychologist for Looked After Children (Northamptonshire), Paul gained extensive joint working experience with Clinical Psychologists, working with Education and Social Services in supporting children and young people who are adopted or in Public Care. As part of this specialist ‘Attachment Team’, Paul worked to support failed adoptions.

Paul is trained to deliver Assertive Discipline to schools and to train others and deliver the ‘Friends’ programme. Paul has received training in Personal Construct Psychology; Brief Solution Focused Therapy and the Principles and Practice of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the use of the HCR-20 for Risk Assessment.

Paul has also worked as an Independent Educational Psychologist for The British Dyslexia Association in Peterborough and Leicester, assessing both children and adults and he has carried out Adult Literacy assessments for Atos Healthcare.

Paul has extensive experience working with children and families with emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties, as well as working with parents and carers to help them improve family functioning and offering consultation on complex cases to other professionals. Paul has co-presented parenting classes with CAMHS colleagues and run behaviour workshops for pre-schoolers.

He has acted as a Consultant for Thornby Hall, part of the Childcare First organisation of Specialist Children’s Homes and a supervisory Consultant for the Pillars of Parenting Authentic Warmth Enterprise pioneered by Dr Sean Cameron and Colin Maginn of University College London.

Currently, Paul has specialist interests in advising parents/carers, early years professionals, social workers, Children’s Guardians and teachers in the assessment, management and support of young children and adolescents who experience cognitive, emotional and social difficulties (at school and in the wider community), as a consequence of early traumatic experiences resulting in attachment and executive functioning difficulties.

Paul has been commissioned as an Expert Witness for over 80 Child Care Proceedings over the past 5 years and has regular experience of Court attendance in these cases.

Within the context of Family Proceedings and Private Law disputes Paul Bingham specializes in Instructions and Reports relating to the assessment of:

  • Parenting ability, adult learning disability, personality and mental health

  • Impact of the above and childhood experiences on parenting ability

  • Harm suffered by children or risk of future harm with respect to neglect and / or abuse (including emotional, sexual or physical)

  • The nature of a young person’s attachment relationships and sibling relationships

  • Family dynamics

  • Therapeutic and support needs of children and adults (including alcohol and drug addiction)

  • Placement needs of children following a Care Order, including whether siblings should be placed together or separately and the nature and extent of contact with the birth family

  • Advice on whether children should give evidence in Court

Why choose EPS(UK)Ltd?

Paul is fully supported by Sally within this Company, ensuring excellent and timely communication and this offers opportunities to contact us out of office hours.

  • Sally is your first point of contact and she has extensive experience of working sensitively and in complete confidence with private individuals and professional organisations over many years in the field of Education, Individual and Special Needs and Management.

  • Commissions or appointments can be flexible and will be tailored to suit your needs and timescales.

  • Paul has an excellent reputation in the Local Area which is supported by the fact that he continues to work with many State and Private Schools since retiring from a position within the Local Authority in Northamptonshire.

  • The vast majority of Private Commissions by Parents have been through word of mouth, either from other psychologists or via previous clients or schools.

Paul continues to be commissioned by Lead Solicitors within many Local Authorities regarding Child Care Proceedings. He has met every File By Date.