adults - what we offer

We can offer a variety of assessments for adults which can be accessed by private individuals as well as by employers who may be looking to support their employees.

Adults of all ages can also benefit from psychological assessments which may help them to access support or resources to enter Further Education or University.

Assessments may also be required for legal reasons where an individual is seeking to illustrate unfair treatment or dismissal by an employer or the reverse, where an employer is seeking evidence to demonstrate that they have supported an employee's needs satisfactorily.

Paul has extensive experience of Tribunal/Court Work and has worked as an Expert Witness in the Family Court on numerous occasions.

we can offer

  • Cognitive assessments (IQ testing)

  • Dyslexia assessments

  • Social, Emotional and Personality assessments

  • Assessments focused upon specific issues, possibly to access University or in a Tribunal case

  • A 'listening ear' consultation for personal mentoring

If you are concerned in any way and you think that we can help, please 'Contact Us' for a free initial discussion or communication in your preferred style without any obligation to proceed further. Support can be tailor-made to suit you.